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July 1, 2015

A week home from Tanzania, and it’s still a little bit unreal. June has really been a whirlwind month for me (for us) and I think I’m still processing…

Zanzibar |

In fact I’ve been so busy in the week I’ve been home, especially thinking about healing my stomach (whoo* for not thinking tortilla chips could be wheat as well as corn!!) that I haven’t really thought much about Tanzania Tanzania as opposed to just remembering the azure wash of Zanzibarian water and wishing I were about to go swimming again. In awesome* news, I also have some sort of fluey ache and hayfever so. You know. All round pathetic health whimperings.

*SOBZanzibar |

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June 25, 2015

Dudes guesthouse, Zanzibar |

Just back from a few days in Tanzania, visiting my fiance who was out there for a couple of weeks working on a project. We snuck off to Zanzibar for the weekend… I’m basically still processing. Funnily enough, so is my gut, because despite diligently eating much rice and meat rather than anything that might have a hint of flour, on the last day I ate half a bowl of Tortilla chips in a Mexican restaurant, thinking they were corn. Buuuut no, my GI tract is very clearly correcting me on that mistake.

There’s a few more snaps already on my Instagram, but there’ll be *lots* more on here soon, so you should definitely come back rafiki…


June 14, 2015

British Museum |

My feet are so tired right now. Is it because we spent hours roaming the halls of the British Museum with 50,000 other tourists?

British Museum |

Nope. Friends of ours were unexpectedly over from the US for a flying visit and er, you could definitely say we flew around here. And the Tate Modern. I opted to sit in the huge hall at that point to snooze off my Borough Market cheese coma, but I didn’t get as long as I’d hoped, because Ben and Emma are frighteningly efficient museum-goers. This. That. Bosh. Done. Food, please.

British Museum | probably accounts for my only getting three decent shots the whole time – I only took about 50 photos, compared to my usual 50,000 to glean four or five good ones (the standard ratio of terrible-to-decent shots for me).

Before they jetted off today, we also walked way further along the Common than I thought we would. We’ve somehow managed to cover about 15 miles in two days – which goes some way to walking off that Ottolenghi wine/meal, I guess. Except (yissss), I have every chance of packing on the pounds again because Emma kindly brought me an obscene amount of American candy over…

BRB, eating my weight in peanut butter M&Ms. Have a lovely week, all…


May 25, 2015

Cutty Sark, Greenwich |

I think this blog is turning into a ‘what I did on my bank holidays’ photo log… so here’s another few from our wander around Greenwich with my parents, who came to visit and to cheer us on in the Bupa 10k this weekend 😁


Cutty Sark |

Visit the Cutty Sark: ✔️

Impromptu swing dancing class: ✔️

Ice cream, wine and pub chats: ✔️


Royal Observatory  |

Love the museums in Greenwich. Love that this one place is so bound to the sea and the stars and Time (and 16 yr-old me’s love of Jazz). Oh, and the view from the top of the hill near the Royal Observatory is one of the best in London.

Maritime Museum, Greenwich  |

And while I didn’t set a PB in the 10k this year, I was 1 minute off my fastest time and slipped in under the 1hr mark, so I’m pretty happy. Now I’m in a lasagne coma in front of a Modern Family marathon, so, excuse the lazy writing…

Ohp. An episode just finished and now I have to marginally move. And go get ice cream. Enjoy the rest of your bank holiday!

T’was the night before voting…

May 6, 2015

“i think that we’re mostly talking…are we reaching people who are diametrically opposed to what we believe? No, I don’t think so…but this is the way it’s always been. We believe what we believe and it’s really hard to create change, and that’s why we’re having the same conversations about social problems in each generation.”

RG: Somehow nuance is no longer appreciated. It’s “I’m right and you’re wrong and we’re completely unwilling to acknowledge that we might disagree but still have important things to say – “Because you’re wrong I’m going to demean you, and I’m going to discredit you” – and it’s unfortunate that discourse has evolved in this way.”
NP: Yeah, it’s not necessarily “I’m right and you’re wrong”, it’s “I’m right and you’re evil.”

Amen, that there Roxanne Gay, speaking to Nerdette Podcast. It’s the night before the big General Election and I’m a little excited to vote (because voting) but also a little frustrated, because, much like most everyone else, there are so many parts of manifestos I would like to stir together to make some sort of rainbow-party-manifesto, that voting for any one seems like a waste of a vote. Or rather, seems like a wasted opportunity to make a difference.

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April 19, 2015

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Chief |

The weekend is nearly over and I’m sulking like my nephew-dawg who is feeling a tad displaced by actual-nephew baby. Even though he still gets allll the attention and allll the hugs and allll the love.

Chief |

See? He is unimpressed. am unimpressed. When’s the next bank holiday weekend already? We’ve just binge watched about 5 episodes of Series 5 of Community (nNooooo Trroyyyyy Whyyyyyy) and I’m trying to tune my brain into Monday-focused thoughts. Just give me, oh, 8 hours sleep and they’ll just about have found the station. Happy weekend all…

Haa-appy birthday to me…

April 9, 2015

birthday cake |

Well. Here it is. 29 years old today.


I may or may not have had a small terrifying moment the other day where my heart nearly leapt into my tonsil cavities, just spiralling into the thought-wormhole of ageing and life and being 29 and oh my god University is so long ago and oh my god I’m the sort of person who eats quinoa and irons her duvet covers and knows how to apply nail varnish now. What.

I don’t think any of these things qualify me for adult status, either. Maybe that comes with the big 3…oh. In all seriousness, I never had a life plan that involved ages (“marry by 25, own a house by __” etc), I only ever had things I wanted to be and do, and at some point you realise that even if you were rich beyond rich and even if you lived til you were 130 and even if you had a Bernard’s Watch, you’d still never have time for all the things you want to be and want to do.

And on that note… cake anyone?


March 29, 2015

Amsterdam |

So, I think I’ve found another spirit city. Thanks to a weekend of lashing rain and biting wind, the Amsterdam I will remember (until we visit next) is a muted palette of greys and creams, brick and brown water. The bikes that sit everywhere drip-drip-dripped and co-ordinated dames und herren pedaled around with open umbrellas in one hand and handlebars in the other.

Amsterdam |

Speaking of cyclists, here’s an accurate depiction of how I felt during my 72 hours in Amsterdam, chancing my life at every crossing and cycle lane. I have never wished for owl-like neck reflexes so much in my life.

Amsterdam |

But, the potential for becoming a traffic-death statistic aside, I fell in love with candle-thin houses, three windows wide in the most gentrified city I’ve ever walked around – at least, obviously, the most central parts. Gratifying, actually, to see so many independent shops and eateries, even if they’ve all been hit with the hipster stick, (though, who am I kidding? I love a good sans serif logo design as much as the next person…). It was a city of casually-dressed cyclists riding ancient-looking sit-up-and-beg bikes (unlike London where so many people who cycle to work kit out like they’re Bradley Wiggins and act like they’re climbing the pyrenees rather than trying to get to their desks)

Amsterdam |

I wish the sun had shined a little so I could a) wear the other shoes I’d shoved into my backpack b) don the sunnies I had so optimistically purchased from Topshop and c) hire some bikes and enjoy Vondelpark a little more…but we ended up checking off so many restaurants, bars and museums, probably because of the weather, I almost can’t complain. (Almost).

Amsterdam |

Thank god for the internet and glutenvrij tips, too. How did we cope before Google? Moeders was one of my favourite meals we ate, Pancakes! does gluten-free dutch pancakes (NOM) and Greenwoods offered gluten-free bread topped with some amazing avocado-chicken-cottage cheese-poached egg goodness. So. Good. Don’t go to Amsterdam without stopping into Wynand Fockink either, for some tasty, tasty liqueur. If you like beer then Cafe Gollem is a can’t-miss and De Zotte near the Leidseplein was my favourite place for a great atmosphere to have a chilled-out drink.

Amsterdam |

Also, tip: do as we did and go Thursday-Saturday. Probably because we stayed away from the area around Centraal station, we managed to be leaving the dam just as the Stag parties were getting going…and that was some pretty sweet timing, I’ll say.

Monday calls…and my feet may ache from the cobblestones but I feel refreshed going into the week. If you need me, I’ll be reading The Miniaturist and daydreaming about those canal houses…


March 11, 2015

whitby | whitby | whitby |

Back from 5 days at home with my family…I’m all talked out and missing nephew cuddles and nephew-dawg snores. Real life calls, like laundry loads and work, but it’s only two days to the weekend, so I’m sure I can just…hold on…