Chewing it over

January 22, 2011

Ask anyone from my family and they’ll tell you I’m not an organiser. That I’m a head-in-the-clouds-have-nearly-missed-every-train-plane-vehicle-tend-to-not-be-ready-to-go-when-I-need-to sort of girl.

But oh-ho! How wrong they are. Well, three years ago they wouldn’t have been but now – now! – I’m a secret organiser. Yep. My name’s Laura, I’m a bit obsessed with making lists. Nice to meet you.

With a mysterious stomach complaint hanging over me since my third year of undergrad, I’ve had sporadic months of trying to figure out what’s wrong, eating properly and planning ahead. Being, y’know, organised. And then all attempts are invariably derailed by spontaneous offers of drinks, dinner, fun things to do, late work-nights, travel or supermarkets that close too early on a Sunday and I end up bingeing my way back to square one.

Welp, friends, no more. I’ve been inspired by several ladies on the internet who make good life choices (remember those…?), who stay fit because it feels good, not because they want to fit into a bikini. Who eat healthy, tasty food because it’s better for you – and more satisfying – than processed, packaged, pre-frozen junk. Oh yeah, and they take amazing pictures while they’re doing it.

This afternoon I sat down and laboured over a meal plan for the week: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and all. It was hard work, but hopefully I’ll have the willpower to stick to the plan, figure out what’s triggering my stomach pain, help my skin clear up and feel more energised. And because I couldn’t have done it without the help of those who’ve blazed the way for everyone else, check out these links to ladies who are a massive inspiration.

This week I’ll be making:

Other blogs I love for their beautiful food posts include Honey and Jam, Butterfly Food, Cannelle et Vanille and Not Without Salt and don’t forget to head to Bangs and a Bun, Sarah Scribbles and my sister (Blonde) for their marathoning/half marathoning adventures!

What are your favourite food/health/sports reads on the interwebs? Leave me a note, add to the Feedly love (and my healthier lifestyle…)

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